Air Quality Testing

Some air pollutants are evident by odor and some can even be visible.

However, there are many harmful, air-borne pollutants that are not as easily detectable. For these pollutants, an air quality test is recommended. An air quality testing lab can help determine what pollutants are present and in what concentrations as well as advise on the best ways to test air quality for your concerns.

MJS offers a comprehensive portfolio of tests for both indoor air quality and ambient air quality as well as industrial air sampling and industrial air quality testing of emissions.

Indoor Air Testing

There are a number of contaminants indoors that can negatively impact health, coming from either local air pollution sources, the building structure itself, or from former land use contaminants. The first indicator that air is not of good quality is lingering odor or deteriorating health.

If you suspect poor indoor air quality in your home or your work environment, it is crucial to receive assistance from an air quality testing specialist. To establish indoor air quality, proper sampling and analysis at an accredited air testing laboratory is the first step.